Nina Madonia

Director, Business Development
Hometown: I’m a proud native Chicagoan!
Inspired Catering & Events

After over 20 years in the food/bev industry , I decided to switch gears from the often crazy restaurant world to the warm & fuzzy Catering environment. It’s a great pleasure to work for Karen & the Stefani Group and I’m enjoying the change from sales to a new business development role.

Biggest junk food guilty pleasure?

Anything salty & crispy.

Most unusual food you’ve ever eaten?

Although I don’t like mushrooms (it’s a texture thing) I traveled to Alba, Italy, to experience the ever-elusive and ultra coveted, White Truffle. It was glorious!!!

Favorite vacation spot?

I suffer from major Wanderlust and love traveleing! I’ve been across the globe and would say that the Big Island of Hawaii & Phuket Thailand were both remarkable. There’s a little beachouse on the shores of the Pacific in Malibu, California which has become my sabbatical place. Since my passion lies in globetrotting, I hope to keep exploring & finding new & exciting favorites.

1300 W Hubbard Chicago, IL 60642 | 312.226.7611
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