Mushrooms In Healthy Catered Foods

As we get further into 2017, many of us are still working on our resolutions that often include aspects of our health, wellness & fitness. Our diet plays a key role in all of those and many of us have a difficult time getting the vegetables we need onto our plates. How about healthy catered foods at your next event?

At Inspired Catering and Events we consider the health aspects of the foods we cater.  Of course we want delicious plates so several of our chef’s creations include mushrooms. Here we take a closer look at mushrooms and what benefits you can expect from eating them.

Mushrooms have over 300 edible species, with 10 being currently grown commercially.  When using mushrooms, you add distinct flavor and a vast array of nutritional and health benefits to some of your favorite dishes.

IMMUNE BOOST-Staying healthy this time of year is always on our minds and mushrooms can help!  Supplying antioxidants, mushrooms provide a natural boost to your immune system, helping cells ward off damage from free radicals.  Additionally they are completely fat free, cholesterol free and easily make a good substitution for meat in vegetarian dishes.

CANCER PREVENTION-According to a tissue culture study, published in the journal “Experimental Biology and Medicine” it was found that 5 varieties of mushrooms including white buttons, significantly suppressed breast cancer cell-growth and reproduction.

HEART HEALTH-Mushrooms are a good source of fibers that lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.  A compound found specifically in Shitake Mushrooms helps the liver process cholesterol.

ENERGY-Additionally there are a variety of B vitamins, including riboflavin, niacin, folate and pantothenic acid that mushrooms provide.  It is said that these nutrients play a key role in the formation of red blood cells to help your body convert the food you eat into energy.

Quick tips from Executive Chef, Elizabeth Tokarczyk:

I prefer local mushrooms – you can find River Valley Ranch mushrooms from Burlington, WI at local farmers markets across the city year round. They have an amazing selection and are always delicious & healthy!

My personal favorite are the fresh morels, which I patiently await every season.

Picking the perfect mushroom is always important. They should be firm, slightly moist/not dry, free of marks or imperfections, the more dirt on the stems the better! That generally indicates they were just picked.

Chef’s favorite use:

Compote – sautéed with herbs, white wine, tomato paste & goat cheese, served over a nice rare steak – grilled or roasted with a little romesco and fresh melted mozzarella, on its own or on a crusty ciabatta roll for a hearty sandwich stuffed – take a button mushroom or baby portabella and stuff it with your favorite filling (sausage, broccoli and cheese, mac and cheese) and roast in the oven.

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