Trends in food and weddings

Michelle Dallas, one of Inspired Catering’s Sales Managers, started her career in event planning right out of college when she launched an event production company of her own, while also working in the restaurant and bar industry.


The Kendall College grad states, “It’s the evolution of an idea; that’s what I love most about my industry. My clients depend on me to create their vision, no matter how intricate and elaborate it may be. I’ve been trained to have a very strong attention to detail. So, I make sure to manage all the moving parts and every single small detail so that they can see their dream come to fruition.”


When asked about the current trends in weddings, Michelle explains, “The first stop at an event for most people, including myself, is the bar. I’ve been coming up with an insane amount of specialty cocktails or creative garnishes for my clients recently. It’s a great way to start the experience off so that guests know that they are in for a great night.”


“As for wedding food, I love that there are many styles of service.  Couples have gotten away from the traditional seated, plated meals.  We now have the ability to offer family-style & dinner station options which create a more interactive and fun element.  It gets people really socializing before the dancing starts!”


Michelle’s favorite new item from Chef Liz and the Inspired team is the Stuffed Lobster ‘Ellote’ Salad.  “ It is served with Grilled Fresh Corn and Lobster Salad with Lime, and Chili, then garnished with Micro Cilantro and Freeze Dried Corn to give it a nice pop. This item was created during a tasting for a recent client of mine by Chef Liz, right on the spot! It tasted amazing and gave such a regal vibe. You know you’ve got a good dish when guests are gasping out of excitement when the plate is placed in front of them.”


Michelle says the key to a fantastic event is good collaboration.  “The relationship between all the vendors involved is the key to a successful wedding.  We end up becoming this team of unstoppable athletes, just tackling any obstacles that come in the way of our clients and the successful production of the event. Then, at the end of a long day/month/year, it’s great to know that because of you and your awesome teammates, the happy couple had an unforgettable day with memories to last a lifetime.”


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