2018 Summer Linen Trends with BBJ Linen

If you know us, you know we love a good summer party; but it can be difficult finding the right color scheme and linen choice for your summer event due to a variety of factors. The weather can be difficult to predict, indoor vs. outdoor locations can cause a vast impact on décor, and even the type of event can be hard to plan for (barbecue versus birthday party, versus bridal shower, versus graduation party, and so on…). Luckily, our good friends at BBJ Linen offered us their advice on the hottest linen trends this summer for ANY event, as well as how their Atelier feature can be used to elevate your party to the next level.

Inspired Catering & Events has been using BBJ Linen for years now, and we have yet to be disappointed. Their staff is truly dedicated to the best customer service around and make for seamless event set up and planning every time.  The wide variety of colors, styles, and textures that BBJ offers is what keeps us coming back for more, and our clients are always impressed with the samples we’re able to present to them. BBJ Linen consistently presents products high in quality with a level of customization that allows our creativity to flourish, making it simple for us to recommend their linen for the best events.

Each sales person at Inspired Catering has their own style and way of decorating for events, and linen is a great way of expressing creativity for them, as well as their clients. From the way that linen is draped over a table, to the color scheme and texture of the tablecloths, linen is what makes an event truly unique. We like to utilize linen as statement pieces and to enhance the décor at an event, but also to seamlessly bring together the theme of a party. During the summer months, our biggest linen trends have been focused on sequins, the BBJ velvet linen collection, and using napkins in floral and bold prints as statement pieces. Our clients – especially when it comes to the bride & groom in weddings – are blown away with the amount of options they have with BBJ to create a stunning concept.

We had the opportunity to ask Laura Rupp, Marketing and Communications Manager for BBJ Linen, a few questions about summer linen trends this year and BBJ’s Atelier studio, so we can give all of our insider tips to YOU!

  • What’s the biggest linen trend you’re expecting so far for Spring/Summer?

At BBJ Linen we work on all different types of events, from weddings to corporate and everything in-between.  Trends fluctuate depending on the market and whether the event is social or corporate. Dusty blue is definitely a big color trend for weddings right now.  We are seeing lots of wedding using this palette along with a very ethereal look.  Think sheer oversized runners and soft neutral tones mixed with pale blues.  For corporate we are seeing clients having a bit more fun with pattern and really starting with linen to inspire their event.  We have so many amazing new collections that designers are eager to work with and starting with linen can inspire and set the tone for the event.

  • What’s the most underrated linen color and/or texture this season?

Hemlock Green. Green is a great neutral.  That’s right we said neutral.  When clients are sick of greige we always suggest considering a shade of green.  Green linen is a great base for any floral and is very appealing to the eye.  You can’t go wrong. By picking a linen with a little bit of texture, like our Faille Collection, you add a bit of interest that can make all the difference from your basic plain jane matte house or poly linen.

  • Can you tell us a little more about Atelier and what makes it so unique to BBJ?

Atelier truly allows us to create a one stop shop for our clients’ specialty linen needs. We can create a special size linen not currently available in our regular inventory or fabricate something truly unique and custom.  Working with your Account Executive and the Atelier Designers allows our clients to collaborate on one-of-kind pieces.  We have also expanded into digital printing allowing personally monograms for social clients or branding for corporate client. Everyone wants something unique/different and printing specialty pieces has allowed us to truly customize linens for our clients in addition to sourcing exclusive fabrics.

  • How can our clients utilize Atelier for their Spring & Summer events?

The possibilities are endless.  You can do something small by adding pillows to your event furniture carrying your linen color or pattern throughout the entire event.  My personal favorite is monogrammed/branded napkins carried by the wait staff during cocktail hour.  Having this small detail on the napkins allows corporate clients another opportunity to brand for their event and for the social client it is a nice little way to add a monogram, theme, or personal touch to your event.  Forget those disposable cocktail napkins that get thrown away invest in dozen napkins to reuse time and again.

  • What is the best linen combo for this season? (like mixed metallics, monochromatic, bold patterns, etc.)

Floral patterns are perfect for Summer and Spring events.  Pairing them with a textured solid colored linen is an easy combo, but they’re also fun to pair with other floral prints.

  • Do you think it’s okay to use Spring & Summer linen trends in Fall & Winter months, and vice versa?

Absolutely!  There are NO RULES!  Our Velvet Collection is hot all year round.  Additionally, you will find stripes and summer prints being used in the fall and winter.

  • What is one linen trend you wish would make a comeback this season?

I would like to see couples take more risks when selecting linen for their weddings.  This is a time for couples to truly express themselves and their love what an opportunity to really have fun with linen and make an impact at your event.


A big thanks to Laura for taking the time to answer our questions, and a big thanks to BBJ Linen for being one of our most trusted linen providers. Check out some of the events and tastings we’ve done below utilizing BBJ’s outstanding linen! You can also check out the live video we shared on our Facebook page of BBJ Senior Account Executive, Alicia Blumer, stopping by our office to show us unique and helpful linen tips. For more info on BBJ Linen and their Atelier studio, check out their website at http://www.bbjlinen.com/ and their social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest) at their handle @BBJLinen.



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